According to IRCHighWay's Acceptable Use Policy, channels founders are to do as they please. Generaly speaking, it means that the Network Staff does not and can not interfere with channels matters.

Most of the times, it is therefore pointless to come around the official help channels, write to This email…

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    MemoServ is a utility allowing IRC users to send short messages to other IRC users, whether they are online at the time or not, or to channels(*). Both the sender's nickname and the target nickname or channel must be registered in order to send a memo. MemoServ's commands include:

    SEND Send a memo…

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    BotServ allows you to have a bot on your own channel. It has been created for users that can't host or configure a bot, or for use on networks that don't allow users' bot. Available commands are listed below; to use them, type /msg BotServ command. For more information on a specific command,…

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You don't even know what it does and what it is about? You only heard that it exists and want to try it out? Well then this document will give you the answers you need. Click on "read more" to read the whole article.


Table of contents:

1. What…

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    ChanServ allows you to register and control various aspects of channels. ChanServ can often prevent malicious users from "taking over" channels by limiting who is allowed channel operator priviliges. Available commands are listed below; to use them, type /msg ChanServcommand. For more information on a specific command, type /msg ChanServ HELP command.

    REGISTER Register a channel…

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To activate your Vhost after it's been approved, simply identify your nick.

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     NickServ allows you to "register" a nickname and
     prevent others from using it. The following
     commands allow for registration and maintenance of
     nicknames; to use them, type /msg NickServ command.
     For more information on a specific command, type
     /msg NickServ HELP command.     REGISTER Register a nickname   GROUP Join a…

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