1. Only 1 vHost is allowed per user. If a user wishes to have an additional vHost for a bot, this is allowed.
  2. vHosts must contain at least one dot/period ( . ), for technical reasons.
  3. vHosts must only contain alphanumeric characters (0-9, a-z, and dots ( . ) and dashes ( - )
  4. vHosts must *not* contain an @ (for our purposes, a vhost is everything after the @ sign ex the vHost i.like.cookies will appear as @i.like.cookies)
  5. Must not be an IP or IP lookalike (
    1. Must not mimic government agencies/tlds/etc (*.gov/*.gc.ca, FBI/etc) or private organizations w/ gov't affiliations (RIAA/etc)
    2. Must not mimic/resemble actual domains or TLDs/etc (Exceptions can/will be made upon proof that you own the domain & have it registered for a minimum of 3 years from vHost request date)
  6. Must not contain the words 'IRCHighway', 'network', or any IRCop nick/etc.
  7. Must not contain racist words (what is considered 'racist/derogatory' is subject to discretion by VHT members.)
  8. Must not refer to channels/other networks, within reason (ex there's a channel #stargate-fans, the vHost i.am.a.stargate.fan is fine)
  9. Must not refer to kiddy-like activity (DoS'ing/rooting/'carding', etc)
  10. Must not be more than 63 characters in length, including dots ( . )
  11. You cannot apply for a vhost someone else is using, unless you have an agreement with that person
  12. You will be banned from the vhost system if you use vhosts to evade network bans
  13. vHosts that look like services-encrypted vhosts are not allowed.
  14. VHT reserves the right to reject/remove any vhost.

Timing: You must wait 14 days before requesting a new vhost for the same nick

A vHost request may take 72 hours, or more, to be processed.

In order to apply for your vHost use:

/msg HostServ REQUEST vhost


Last Update: November 14, 2016.

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