Please read this policy carefully before submitting a link application.

Minimum requirements.

  • CPU: Pentium II 500 Mhz.
  • RAM: 512MB RAM.
  • OS: Linux/Unix or BSD (any distribution in stable status).
  • CONNECTION: a server must have a 24/7 connection to the Internet, and must be located in a data center (any consumer connection regardless of the speed will automatically be denied, e.g. no cable or DSL connections.) The connection speed must be at least 10 mbits.
  • IP: a dedicated IP must be provided for the IRCd. We don't accept shared IPs where other things are running, like a webserver. In rare cases we might make an exception to this rule, please contact the Routing Team for details.
  • Minimum supported users: 1000.
  • Suggested minimum traffic limit: 200GB/month.
  • We do not accept any link application from Brazilian users, current staff members excluded.
  • VPSs are not accepted, except under special circumstances. 
    If you're considering linking a VPS, please talk to a Routing Team member before submitting your application.
  • No shell accounts 


  • We suggest for server admins to set a few special sysctl options and add a firewall on the IRCd IP, both of which require root privileges. Our Routing Team members can help with these, if needed.
  • Hacked or otherwise illegaly obtained servers are not acceptable. You may be asked to provide proof of ownership of your server.
  • Anyone applying to link will be required to use our version of UltimateIRCd.
  • You will also have to provide our Routing Team with the login info for the account the IRCd runs under. Authentication can be done via passwords or public keys.
  • The server admin is responsible for keeping the box updated and secure. If the Routing Team becomes aware that this condition is not met, a server application may be rejected or a server may be delinked. Any compromise of a server, especially affecting the user data of the IRCd account, must be disclosed to the Routing Team immediately.

Note: Linking requirements can be changed by the Routing Team at any time, if they feel the need for it.

The test-link procedure.

IMPORTANT: a Server Admin with a testlink server is to be considered on trial. This means he/she may only hold the Local operator status on his/her server, until it has been fully linked. This does not include Server Admins who are already on staff; they may keep their current rank even on the testlink server. No additional staff members are allowed during test-link.

All test-links go through the following procedure, which in most cases takes around four weeks (sometimes longer):

  1. Server Admin applies for link.
  2. Application is checked and approved for test-link by the Routing Team (up to 14 days from submission).
  3. Server enters stage 1 of test-link, without any users. The Server Admin gets access to the Oper section of the IRCHighWay website.
  4. Server enters stage 2 of test-link and is added to the regional DNS pool.
  5. Server enters final stage of test-link and is added to the normal DNS pool.
  6. Routing Team votes on full link for the server. If the server is granted full-link, the admin is allowed to add other staff members, including a Server Co-Admin, as per the IRCHighWay Base Rules for staff.

The test-link may be aborted (and the server delinked) at any time during the process.

Additional note:

By agreeing to this Network Linking Policy, you and your staff also implicitely agree to follow our various policies, including, but not limited to, the Acceptable Use Policy, the Virtual Host Policies and the Privacy Policy.

Futhermore, you are required to read and agree to the Acceptable Oper Policy and the IRCHighWay Base Rules. You may request a copy of those policies from a Routing Team member, or read them on the IRCHighWay website once access has been aquired.

Last Update: July 8 2009 by HiroP

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