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Webchat GUI Global Customization by Admins

3 years 11 months ago #897 by Beladas
I presume that you are encouraging publishers to iframe-embed webchat.irchighway.net just like other IRC clients. Under this presumption, I suggest that we admins can change the theme and colors and have these settings set as default for all embed instances, like our theme/colors settings are saved in your database. This way, we can make the chat rooms match our website styles by default from all views by our users. Then if "they" still change it on their end, let those settings be saved on their devices/browsers for that person's view as how things are done now. If we can have a list of channels we admin here in our panel when we log in, it will be great! Doing it that way will make things publisher-friendly. I hope I make sense. :) Thanks for this wonderful chat room.

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3 years 11 months ago #898 by Peorth
In reply to the part of your statement concerning the IHW website and having a control panel to admin the webchat on it....

I'm gonna be real honest with you. No one really uses this website anymore (not even us staff, for better or worse...Can you tell by how long it took to get a response to this topic?)
Everything's mostly done on the network itself these days, so I don't really see anything like that happening. As for your idea of being able to customize the embed, that...*should* be possible, though I don't really have an ETA on how long such a feature would take to develop.

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3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #900 by Beladas
We have a project featuring what IRC technology can do and we are highly interested in assigning webchat.irchighway.net in one of our online communities. It is an acknowledgement that your web/browser IRC chatroom is one of the best in GUI.

It is hard to see a simple but promising chatroom to be inactive, not reaching its full potential. We understand you may have other priorities now, so we wanna lend a hand. Let us help you revive this hidden gem (your webchat). If you need someone to develop it (hire us for free) or at least manually customize the code for our instance/site and willing to give us FTP access to your CSS/JS folder, that would be great. If you are cautious with the latter, we have created a page for you to see how we desire to customize it for a start:

1. The word "connect" has been oddly repeated 3 times in the login section so we hid the one inside the form using CSS and replaced the submission button text to "Enter" using jQuery.
2. Perfected the form margins.
3. Made the top-right close(x) button bigger.

Since you don't seem to use Google Analytics in the source, we have thought of a simple non-iframe way to make this less time-consuming on your end. If you can just add one variable named "partner" and when it's present, the server script you are using will read that parameter from the URL and take its value to load a custom CSS file. For example, we will use "konekq" as a keyword to identify us and our project. This is a PHP snippet:

if (isset($_GET["partner"])) echo '<l-ink rel="stylesheet" href="'.$_GET["partner"].'.css" type="text/css">';

You can just extract the CSS (konekq.css) from its source in this webpage . Then, at the bottom of our instance of your app, we will put an acknowledgement of your ownership and a link to whatever you sell or at least a donation link to your PayPal.

If you need to speak further with me privately about this, please send me an email. :)
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